Benefits of quitting drinking

How to Quit DrinkingAre you thinking of quitting drinking, then you have made the right decision. Drinking a lot never helped anyone. All you can enjoy is few moments when you are drunk. When you wake up in the morning, you feel like crap. You are always thinking what did you do last night? You can’t remember because you had blackouts. You have a head which is aching. Your throat is wants some water urgently.

Sound Familiar! J If you want to know benefits of quitting your drinking, then you must be thinking of quitting drinking. I will share few benefits about my sober life. I was an alcoholic and I have been sober for a year. It was not easy and it was difficult in the start but it was all worth it.

There are many benefits of quitting drinking and I will discuss them in this post today. So let’s get started.

The following are the benefits:

  • No more hangovers. How many times when you woke up in the morning, did you tell yourself that you should have not drank in night. That bad head ache and your throat is completely parched in the morning. You feel like you have been walking in the desert the whole day without water. Reason this happen is that alcohol cause dehydration in your body. Its sucks water out of your muscles, so you feel like crap this in the morning. So the number one reason is no alcohol
  • Your health will improve. Your mind will be clearer. When we keep drinking we often have blurry thinking because alcohol affects our brain. You will have clear thoughts after many years
  • You will save lot of money. When you are drinking, you waste so much money on alcohol that can be used for other constructive purposes. You can buy something you always wanted to buy. You can use that money to buy something for your family parents.
  • You will save lot of time. All the time that wasted when you were ’WASTED’ can’t come back but you can do lot of other activities that you always wanted to do. You will have lots of free time suddenly.
  • You will know who your true friends are. You will be irritated by people who force you to drink. I have listed this as benefits because you will realize who your friends are. Drinking buddy that tells you to drink is not your friend.
  • The lethargic feeling will go away. You will feel energetic when you wake up in the morning and you will also feel energetic during the whole day.
  • You will liver will recuperate and you will start feeling good about this
  • You will feel a sense of freedom. Alcoholism is a trap according to me. I feel it is black hole. The more you drink, the more it will pull you inside the trap. It’s like digging your own grave. The more you keep drinking the more it will be difficult to get out of this trap. The sooner you start the better it is for you
  • Your house will look clean. You won’t find any clutter in your rooms. There won’t be any beer cans lying in your home. There won’t be any bottles. Your spouse will be happy that your house is clean now
  • You will feel optimistic about life and you will feel that you can now accomplish anything in this life.

How to Quit Drining