Am I an Alcoholic if I drink every night?

Am I an alcoholicAny person who drinks has asked this question to him or her, Am I an alcoholic? This question can be answered by doing a self-evaluation test and being honest with yourself. Being honest is the key because the problem with most people who drink alcohol is that they are always in denial and they don’t want to accept the fact that they have an alcohol problem.

I will be sharing few things with you which will determine if you are an alcoholic or not?

So if you have asked yourself, am i an alcoholic if i drink every night, you can be right or you can be wrong. Drinking a glass of wine or 1 or two pegs every night, cannot be a problem. The problem happens when you do something stupid after you drink and you regret your behavior when you are sober. If everyone is cool and you have not done anything stupid, then you are probably not an alcoholic if you drink every night. Having said that, I would suggest you to go through the checklist below to determine if you have a problem with alcohol and whether it is ruining your life and your relationships.

Some people and alcohol don’t go together. There is scientific research which says that drinking problem can be because of your genes. If you have a drinking problem in your family and family history of alcoholism, then you can also develop an alcohol problem. The other problems can be peer pressure and hanging out with wrong people. You become like people you hang out with. If all your friends are alcoholics then you will become an alcoholic too. This is a harsh reality. Sometimes letting these people to go out of your life is the best thing you can do to yourself and your life.

This article post is for educational purpose only and should me not considered medical advice. I am just sharing my experience because I was an alcoholic and I want to help people who are alcoholics and want to get out of the trap of alcoholism.

The following is an, “am i an alcoholic checklist”:

  • Are you content with only 1 or two drinks?
  • Can you stop after your first drink?
  • If you have a bottle of alcohol, can you close the bottle and drink next time?

If your answer to the above questions is ‘No’, then you are probably an alcoholic.

These are some other “am i an alcoholic checklist”:

  • Are you always worried when you wake up in the morning, thinking what did you do last night?
  • Are you having problems with your relationship? Does your spouse constantly nag you to stop drinking?
  • Does your family tell you to stop drinking?
  • Do you miss your work because of a bad hangover?
  • Have you lost ambition in your life?
  • Have your main goal in life become drinking and nothing else? You are constantly thinking of how you can have your next drink?
  • You work for drinking and drinking has become your only source of fun activity and entertainment
  • When you are planning your drinking session with your buddy, you are calculating how many drinks you should have even before you start drinking.
  • After two or three drinks, you need some more drinks to maintain that drunk state of your mind
  • You have lost your self esteem
  • Do you like to drink alone?
  • Do you regret what you said when you were drunk?
  • Have you ever had any problem with the law after drinking?
  • Have thought of quitting drinking but you were unable to do it?
  • Have you been in debt because of your drinking?
  • Have you cursed yourself the next day after drinking, that how much money you wasted in the bar?
  • Have you ever had blackouts after drinking?
  • Do you imagine that you won’t have any life if you quit alcohol.
  • You get constant craving in your mind, if you plan not to drink?
  • Did you get into a fight after drinking?
  • Are you experiencing health problems after drinking? You have gained weight and you cant control your drinking?

If the answers to the above question is ‘YES’, then you are an alcoholic. I would suggest to plan to quit. Join a support group, or read tips on this website. Because you are heading for trouble and DISASTER.

I think alcoholism is a trap and it is like digging your own grave. The more we drink, the bigger the grave becomes and more difficult it is to get out of it. The sooner you make a firm decision to quit alcohol, the better it will be for you. Don’t become a slave of alcohol and don’t let it control your life. ‘

The freedom that you experience once you get out of this trap is awesome. You will get your life back and you will get a sense of confidence in you which was not possible when you were drinking.

When you quit drinking and you are not a slave of alcohol, then you will realize that you are able to accomplish anything in your life. Most of the goals you will set in your life will be easy for you.

So the questions is not, “how many drinks makes you an alcoholic” or “I drink wine every night am I an alcoholic” The question you have to ask yourself is that, are you able to manage alcohol? If the answer is no, then you are an alcoholic.

This is sad truth. You can never find out “how many drinks makes an alcoholic” if the drinks that you drink land you into trouble, then that drinking is bad.

am i an alcoholic if i drink every nightIf you are drinking at home and not troubling anyone and you are sticking to 2 or 3 drinks then you are not an alcoholic.

It is proven that one or two drinks are healthy every day. If you are able to do this and not drink more than this, then you are on the right track. If you are not able to stop after you open your bottle, then you have a problem. The sooner you solve your problem, the better it will be for you.

So if you think you are an alcoholic and if you are thinking of quitting drinking, I would like to tell you that it can be easy if you have the right support. Even I was in the same boat like you and I wanted to quit drinking. I went to support groups and followed the steps that they told me to do. I want say that it did not help me. The big breakthrough came when I invested in a course called Alcohol Free Forever. It has a guide which will give you step by step instructions on how to quit the bad habit of alcoholism. There is also an email series which will keep you motivated to not drink. If you are serious about your life and if you want to see your family happy, I would suggest investing in this course. You can get this course by clicking on the banner in this post. And believe me you will not be sorry.