Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

alcohol withdrawal symptomsWhen you stop drinking alcohol, you will start experiencing some withdrawal symptoms which can be mild to extreme based on how long you have been drinking. They also can be life threatening if you experience extreme symtoms. I would suggest consulting your doctor or take immediate medical help if you are experiencing some extreme withdrawal symptoms. This post will give only some general information for educational purposes.

So what are the causes of these alcohol  withdrawal symptoms?

This is because you have developed alcohol tolerance over a period of time and body has become dependent on alcohol. When you suddenly start drinking alcohol, it is a shock for your body and your body takes time to cope for it.

I am not a doctor and I am just a recovering alcoholic so I will suggest few things that can happen and how you can cope with it. If you experience some extreme withdrawal symptoms, you should contact a doctor.

You can experience some of the following:

• Tremors – You might experience tremors in your hand. This will be like scene in Nicola Cage movie ‘leaving Las Vegas’. In that movie, Nicolas Cage is playing a role of an alcoholic. There is a scene when he has to sign a bank check and he is unable to do because he is experiencing hand tremors. He goes back drinks a peg and then comes back and then signs the check.
• Excessive sweating – You can experience excessive sweating because of the uneasiness you will experience when you are not drinking alcohol.
• Increased anxiety – Your anxiety level can go high and your mind can start thinking negative because you will get cravings to drink. You will also experience some weird fears which don’t make sense logically.
• Obsessions to drink – You will get constant obsessions to drink. This will be like those ‘cravings thoughts’ will be stuck in your brain for a very long time. These obsessions can last for 10 minutes to 2 hours. The trick is that you should not give in to these obsessions and start drinking again.

These are some of the symptoms that can last for few weeks and you can cope with them if you have a strong will.
Some of the extreme symptoms that you will experience will be experiencing auditory or visual hallucinations. In this case, you have to see your doctor.

The most important ones I think are anxiety and obsessions to drink. Your mind will be constantly convincing you that you should drink and that you should keep on drinking. This is the biggest challenge. Once you overcome them, you will be a happy man. These obsessions can also be called as cravings. These cravings are strong initially however these cravings go away over a period of time. They become weak after a 2 months. That has been my experience.

When you get all these alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it is always good to take support of your family and also of a doctor if necessary. They will be able to help you.

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