3 Movies on Alcoholism That I Like

I have been sober for some time now and but I like 3 movies on alcoholism. There may be other movies but I like these 3 because I related to the characters a little bit.

If you are an alcoholic, you should watch these 3 movies. After watching these movies, you will find out that how alcohol can ruin your life, make you its slave and take everything from you.

If you want to get inspiration in leaving the alcohol habit behind, you should watch these movies. Some people say that alcoholism is a disease.

It can be true but i believe that it is bad habit and one can kick this bad habit by following some programs like Alcohol Free forever and also with support of you family

So which are movies on alcoholism that I like and that you should watch

So let me start with the first movie Flight.

This movie is about a pilot which is played by Denzil Washington. He plays a role of William “Whip” Whitaker who is captain an airplane.

His plane crashes because of a mechanical failure. He lands the plane in an open field and becomes a hero when he saves lives of people on board.

But later it is found out that that captain William “Whip” Whitaker was drinking while flying the plane. The movie then has a story about how William “Whip” Whitaker fights a case to prove his innocence.

He confesses that he was drinking while flying the plane and ends up in jail.

When the movie ends, there is one dialogue that I really liked. Whip is prison! He is now sober and he says, “This is going to sound real stupid coming from a man in prison. But for the first time in my life, I’m free.” What an excellent statement!

I always feel alcoholism makes you its slave and we have break from the chains of slavery by leaving this bad habit of alcoholism behind.

Below is a trailer that you can watch of this movie

Crazy Heart – This is another favorite movie on mine. This one has a little different plot and movie is about a famous musician who is an alcoholic and who is broke.

The character’s name is Otis “Bad” Blake which is played by Jeff Bridges. It is a story of a man who was a country music star but is now broke.

He tours USA in his car; sings in small bars, pubs to make a living. Blake has lots of a failed marriages and he also has a son who he has not spoken for many years.

He falls in love with a woman Jean and they break up when Blake’s drinking goes out of control. There is scene where Blake has an accident of his car and ends up in hospital.

After a failed relationship with Jean, Blake realizes that he should make changes in his life for good. He calls one of his old friend and tells him that he needs help and want’s to stop drinking alcohol. His friend introduces him to Alcohol Anonymous and he becomes sober and also composes a song that becomes a hit.

I would encourage you to watch this movie if you are an alcoholic. Below is a trailer of this movie.

The Third and final movie that you should watch about alcoholism is Leaving Las Vegas. The main character of this movie is Ben Sanderson which is played by Nicolas Cage.

In this story, the main character doesn’t survive and is not fortunate. the character dies of alcoholism. So we can see and agree that if we don’t stop drinking a person can also die because of alcoholism.

The summary of story is that Ben Sanderson has lost his job, his family because of alcoholism problem. He decides that he should not stop drinking and make the choice of going to Las Vegas and drink himself to death.

This is the trailer of movie:

So the bottom line is that these movies show how alcoholism can ruin your life and how you can lose your family, your job, your friends if you don’t stop drinking.

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